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We at PETMADE, like you, love and want the best for our 4-legged family members too. In recent years we’ve seen the average lifespan of our pets shrinking dramatically shorter. We’ve seen the sad consequences of poor-quality nutrition from commercial pet foods. We also understand the limitations of cost, convenience, and availability issues of feeding your furry buddies species-appropriate food. And we know there are thousands of promises online that make sensational claims, only to become toxic to your furry babe.

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That’s why we’ve created Vet-Approved NATURAL PETMADE to help restore the balance to these deficiencies that harm your cats and dogs and improve their life quality! We also provide reliable resources to help empower you to better support your cherished pussy cat and pooch’s needs to stay healthy and enjoy a long life.

We scour through the latest research for the most effective natural ingredients and micronutrients backed by scientific evidence. These work to repair, reactivate, and regenerate cellular mechanisms to peak performance so your cherished friend can feel better. Our Advisory Board of Veterinarians and Pet Nutritionist help formulate these friendly, potent remedies, giving your fur-face only the best for their health!


Dr. Tannetje Crocker

Dr. Tannetje Crocker, DVM, is a licensed Veterinarian. After graduating from the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2009, Dr. Crocker first worked as an equine ambulatory practitioner for 3 years and served on multiple committees and associations. She then switched to focus on small animal medicine. Dr. Crocker is passionate about animals and their health, including her two Labrador dogs. Her down-to-earth approach and devotion to pet health have made thousands of pet owners emotionally grateful. Watching the transformation of an ailing pet into one that’s glowing with health and energy is her life’s calling. She currently practices in Grapevine, Texas, at Northwest Animal Hospital and the Animal Emergency Hospital of North Texas. Dr. Crocker serves on the PETMADE Advisory Board, helping pets receive potent yet gentle remedies that get results.

Ellery Eden

Ellery Eden, GG, BSc. Ellery’s passion sits squarely in the sciences and as a talented natural health copywriter. A rare breed who loves reading scientific journals. Ellery studied in Toronto, Arizona, and California graduating with honors in biology and physics, two years of medical school, and a gemological degree. Ellery built and managed a successful laboratory and retail business for 25 years. Respected in her field, she provided expert testimony, lectured, instructed, and mentored. A powerful researcher for 45 years immersed in medicine, alternative and natural health, and nutrition as an athlete, med student, and Crohn’s patient. Ellery believes in helping others, “Sometimes a little thing for you can make a big difference to another.”

Ellery Eden

Dr. Ellen Dierenfeld PhD, MS, Honorary Professor, has 30+ years of experience as a Comparative Animal Nutritionist, graduating from Cornell University in Animal Science. Awarded Honorary Professor at Nottingham Trent University in the UK and is the President of the Comparative Nutrition Society. Dr. Ellen is an expert consultant in diet evaluation, product development, applied research with many zoos, wildlife facilities, pets, livestock species, and works globally. Dr. Ellen’s insightful work has been featured in multiple peer journals. She developed valuable software used in the animal industry, helping calculate appropriate nutrition for numerous animal species. Dr. Ellen has led Wildlife Nutrition Departments for the Wildlife Conservation Society (based at the Bronx Zoo) and St. Louis Zoo. And she oversaw Africa R&D collaborations for Novus International and has field experience on 6 continents.


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PETMADE develops scientifically proven products that help your pets to achieve the pure, healthy lifestyle they deserve. We only use natural ingredients you trust and put them through a 5-Stage Research and Testing Process, so they become “PetMade Approved & Certified!” Here’s how it works:

Step 1: The Creating Process – We’ve composed a team of master formulators who are some of the world’s most respected medical doctors, vets, chemists, researchers and pet nutritionists. They work collectively to create the highest-quality blends that help revitalize the health of your pet.

Step 2: Scientifically Tested – We only use scientifically-proven ingredients, simple as that… We never add a small amount of an ingredient to add marketing hype, a huge problem that is extremely common with famous brands found at your local supplement store. Instead, we make sure to use the RIGHT amount of every ingredient that science shows will give your pet the best results.

Step 3: The Purest Ingredients – PetMade uses only NATURAL INGREDIENTS. We scoured the globe for the highest quality and purest forms of every ingredient so we can help you support total-body-wellness. Feel comfort knowing our blends are also free from antibiotics, artificial colors, and preservatives!

Step 4: Ingredient Testing – We only purchase raw ingredients that come with a certificate of analysis for potency and purity. We even do further microbiological testing during the manufacturing process to ensure you every PetMade product is pure and potent before it reaches your hands.

Step 5: GMP Certified Manufacturing – GMP Certification is a third-party certification program that includes inspection of manufacturing facilities to determine whether specific food safety and quality performance indicators are being met. This certification guarantees personnel training, equipment maintenance, facility cleanliness, and document traceability. GMP Certification is a commitment to quality and consistency that our customers deserve.

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That’s what you deserve

We believe in our products, we use our products, and every step of our manufacturing and development process was created to ensure we deliver only the highest quality formulas for your body day in and day out. After all, that’s what you deserve, and we’re here to help give it to you with every product we produce.


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